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Not just a place for people to do great things but also for great people to do things!

Care about what we do?

Impactis is on a mission to ensure that all students, everywhere, have access to inspiration, guidance and funding, and accidents of circumstance do not stop them from pursuing higher education.


Our goal is to achieve this mission by making scholarships easy and effective for scholarship givers everywhere and to connect them to deserving talent.

Scholarships have that power to create a more giving society. When a person knows that no one succeeds alone and that we all owe a social debt that can only be paid forward by building a more generous and kind world. 

At Impactis, our reason to exist is to help bring about such a world, one role model at a time. And we need all the best people who share this vision to join us. 

Careers, not jobs

If our mission excites you and you are getting interested to explore what a career at Impactis might become, read on. 

We’re just getting warmed up!

Founded in 2022, Impactis is just beginning on its journey and is looking out for great people around the world that bring the talent and passion to help us raise the bar.

Our Values

We care about building an enduring ethic to do well and to be good.

How can we create that ethic? We begin by spelling out what we value and for you to deeply reflect on how these resonate within.

Our People Vision

  • We would love Impactis to be a place that is High Performance and Low Stress.

  • We would like to become a place that is intentionally designed to respect the brilliance of introverts and extroverts alike

  • We hope to become a place for perpetual learners who hold each other to high standards and are relentless in by leading the way

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